The following list shows some of our past clients. 

US Government: DOD (BIMA), DOE (Livermore Labs), DOL (Independent cost estimates), DOT (FAA), FBI (OTD & CJIS), INS, US Army (REF), US Navy (SPAWAR), and US Postal Service (InfoSec).

Canadian Government: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (multi-year effort in preparing for their Real Time ID system procurement to include a significant benchmarking effort) and Transport Canada (livescans and central site technology procurement planning and support in the acquisition to include acceptance testing).

15 US States: Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine in testing a Tri-state AFIS; New York with lecture on an executive-level, strategic approach to AFIS replacement planning and ad-hoc proposal review support; Connecticut and Rhode Island in a joint AFIS replacement procurement; the Western Identification Network, made up of 8 Western US states, in an AFIS replacement procurement; and the Illinois State Police in an AFIS replacement procurement.

4 US Counties: Montgomery and Prince George in Maryland in a joint effort; King County in Washington; and Orange County in California - in various AFIS / ABIS procurements.

UK Government: Home Office as a multi-year member of the National ID Card Biometrics Assurance Group (UKBAG) and short term support to the Home Office Scientific Development Branch in examining AFIS/ABIS trends, standards, and procurement strategies.

Foundations: The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) in planning and managing their project to reconstruct their worldwide network of government laws available for all to search and read in their authentic form. In addition the GLIN network provides a collaboration forum for parliaments, congresses, and judicial branches of governments

We have enjoyed making many acquisition projects a success.