Higgins & Associates, International (HAI) was started in 1995 when Peter Higgins retired from the FBI as the Deputy Assistant Director in charge of the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) program and the CJIS Engineering Branch. 

HAI is a specialist consultancy with excellence-in-depth across:

1) the biometrics spectrum. 

2) the planning and management of large-scale information technology projects.

HAI started out offering services in friction ridge related technology and branched out to also support facial, iris, and voice biometric modalities. We have assisted in the planing / oversight of the procurement of more than 10 large-scale ABIS systems as well as over 1,200 portable, ruggedized multi-modal collection kits; and the conversion of 10s of millions of existing biometric records to meet current biometric record exchange standards. 

We have enjoyed making many acquisition projects a success.